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Elizabeth Molloy, Education and Gender Specialist

Areas of Expertise: Education, Teacher training, Gender focused programming, Gender-based violence, Girls’ education, Disaster response, Community engagement and participation, Feminist approaches to research

Elizabeth has a Masters degree in Education, Gender and International Development from the UCL Institute of Education, University College London and a Bachelor in Education from St. Patrick’s College, Dublin, Ireland.

Elizabeth has over 10 years’ experience in the education sector.  Her background is in teaching and teacher training with a particular focus on the impact of gender on educational outcomes and classroom interactions.  She lived in rural Nsanje, Malawi from 2013 to 2015 coordinating the UNWomen funded Concern Worldwide ‘Ending School-related Gender based Violence in Malawi’ project.  In this position she worked intensively within a remote rural district on gender-focused issues at the village level, the TA level and the district level and is conversant with the gendered dynamics at play in the rural Malawian context.

Elizabeth has published on areas such as how gender influences teachers, the role of NGOs in girls’ education, as well as on issues of emergency nutrition. She is trained in participatory approaches to monitoring and evaluation and experienced in feminist approaches to research.

Elizabeth’s prior international experience includes teacher training in The Gambia with VSO, promoting violence reduction in schools in Nepal with World Education, and supporting Concern Worldwide’s emergency and resilience programmes in Ethiopia.

Akeel Hajat, Climate Change Specialist

Areas of expertise: Climate Change Adaptation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Resilience, Geographic Information Systems, Climate Services & Agriculture, Disaster Risk Reduction

Mr Hajat holds an Msc in Climate Change and Development from the University of Cape Town alongside two degrees in Environmental Science from Rhodes University in South Africa.

He is a Malawian citizen who has over 7 years of experience working within the SADC region. He speaks fluent english and Chichewa, is well versed in a range of different environmental fields and has excellent research and communication skills. He has previously worked at the Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) in Malawi and the Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA) in a research capacity.  He has experience as a Team Leader handling evaluation and research projects in Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction. He has also led several Public Consultation processes for Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs). He was a member of the Malawi delegation to the Conference Of the Parties (COP21 Paris) in an advisory capacity. 

EIA & GIS Specialist Malawi

Zoran Vucicevic, Environmental Impact Assessment and GIS Specialist

Areas of Expertise: Impact Assessment, Site Assessment, Natural Resource Management, GIS, Monitoring and Evaluation, Health & Safety

Mr. Vucicevic has a degree in Environmental Management from the University of Toronto in Canada and an M.Sc. in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Southampton, UK.

 He is an environmental consultant with 15 years of professional experience comprising environmental impact assessment of upstream petroleum across Southeast Asia, site assessment and EHS compliance investigation of industrial/commercial installations in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. He led a team of experts in mainstreaming sound chemical management into national development planning of Cambodia, produced GIS-based environmental analyses and was a Chief Evaluator of a World Bank supported community empowerment program in Indonesia. His other work includes field research of riparian habitats and forest stand analysis in semi-urban watersheds in Ontario, Canada. With his positive approach, he has overseen successful completion of tasks ranging from field work to management, and projects from proposal to closure phase.

David Mussa, Community Engagement Specialist

Areas of Expertise: Community Research, Facilitation, Training, Interpretation, Logistics, Survey Coordination, Climate Change Adaptation, Rural Development,

Mr Mussa holds a post graduate diploma from the University of Wales in Social Policy and Administration. He is also credited with qualifications in HIV/AIDS management (PolyTechnic), Project planning and Evaluation (Pan-Africa Institute of Development) and Human Rights and Governance (Corporate Governance Institute).

He is a Malawian citizen who is fluent in English, Chichewa and Yao. He has proven experience in a range of development fields and spends part of his time as a lecturer in Community Development at Soche Technical Collage. David has extensive field experience in Malawi and is adept at orchestrating surveys, focus groups, questionnaires and other data collection procedures.





Arthur Kambombe, Stakeholder Engagement Specialist

Areas of Expertise: Stakeholder Engagements and Public Consultation, Social Impact Assessments, Environmental Audits, Baseline and Endline Surveys

Mr. Kambombe holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the University of Malawi and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. He is also qualified in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development and Management (Galilee College, Israel) , Strategic Management and Project monitoring and evaluation (both Malawi Institute of Management).

He is a Malawian citizen with more than 10 years’ professional experience in social and environmental impact assessments for government and private sector clients. Mr. Kambombe has expertise in social research, baseline and endline surveys and robust experience in stakeholder engagements and public consultation, including the facilitation and coordination of key informant interviews, focus group discussions and surveys.




Katharina Feldmann, Project Manager

Areas of Expertise: Project management, Microfinance, Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), Social Protection, Capacity Building for Partners

Ms. Feldmann holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (major) and Cultural Anthropology (minor) from Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany. She is a graduate of the Boulder Institute of Microfinance (Microfinance Training Programme) and a certified PRINCE2 project manager (Practitioner level).

Katharina has 3 years’ experience of the Malawian social protection sector. Her specialities are in the nexus between social protection and financial inclusion, especially informal financial services (VSLAs) and microfinance. She is experienced working in multi-stakeholder contexts with sector associations, the private sector, government, NGOs and development partners at national and district level. She is an experienced project manager and has high aptitude for logistical planning and coordination, strong communication skills and a solution-oriented working style.

She currently pursues a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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Adam Antione, Film and Media Specialist (Associate)

Areas of Expertise: Documentary filmmaking; Film production, Script Writing, Colour Correction, Editing in Final Cut Pro Studio 2; Graphic Design; Media relations

Adam Antoine has been working as a freelance filmmaker in Malawi since 2011, and has recently joined C12 as a Film and Media specialist. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Production obtained at the University of Cape Town, as well as a certificate as a Microsoft Office User Specialist specializing in Microsoft Office and Windows 8.1. He currently works as a freelance filmmaker and graphic designer in Lilongwe.

 As the key producer, Adam is experienced in all aspects of the filmmaking process, from the conceptualization, to the filming and editing. Having spent the last 3 years working in the Malawian film and media fields he has invaluable experience in producing films as well as being well versed in all the technical software needed to create a documentary.

Adam has previously produced short films for the South African High Commission, Child Legacy International, Mamaye and Help Malawi. He has worked as a camera operator for the Tedx talks held in Lilongwe (2014). His most recent work includes the production of a feature length documentary for Empower Malawi. 



Tom Schrieber, Specialist in Communications, Marketing and Project Management (Associate)

Areas of Expertise: Communications, Marketing, Training, Project Management, Events Coordination, Visibility

Mr Schrieber holds a Master’s degree in Professional Communication from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, with his study focusing on the area of intercultural communication. He also holds a Bachelor in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield, UK.

He has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of communications, including substantial experience in international contexts, including Malawi, where he has devised, managed and advised on marketing and communications campaigns for environmental initiatives including recent work supporting the development of the solar sector. He also has extensive experience of events and project management, and continues to play an active role in the events of Lake of Stars, the producer of Malawi’s most famous cultural festival. He has spent more than five years in Malawi, during which time he has also worked on education management and training in formal, non-formal and online contexts. He has also worked as a Programme Manager for the European Union Delegation in the area of good governance, developing a strong understanding of governance issues and civic participation at the local and national level, and also engaging in regular collaboration with UNDP and other UN structures.

David Billing, Rural Development & Natural Resource Management Specialist (Associate)

Areas of Expertise: Capacity Building, Rural Development, Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Environmental Awareness & Sustainable Development

Mr Billing has two post-graduate degrees one in Tropical Agriculture from the University of the West Indies and one in Soil Science (Land and Soil Evaluation) from the University of Reading. His first degree was in Geography at the University of Nottingham where he specialised in rural development, economic geography, climatology and bio-geography.

He has more than 35 years’ experience of working on agriculture, environment, forestry or rural development projects in Africa and Asia. He has worked in the SADC region for a total period of seven years, mostly in Malawi but also in Zambia. He has previously been involved in coordinating and editing the first State of the Environment report (SER) for Malawi. He also worked with the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Malawi and has written an M&E Manual for a trans-border conservation project in Malawi/Zambia (2009) when he also wrote a review of the status of M&E in Malawi and Zambia in the natural resource management sector (2010) based on an institutional questionnaire.

He is currently a trustee of the Nyika-Vwaza Trust (UK) that supports environmental and conservation projects in Malawi.

Boran Altincicek, Data Analyst and Statistics Specialist (Associate) 

Areas of Expertise: Biology, Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research in Development

Dr. Altincicek holds a Phd in Biology from the University of Giessen, Germany.

 He is a scientist with more than 10 years experience in managing research projects as a team leader starting from proposal over data analysis to closure phase. He has expertise in applying statistical models such as ANOVA, logistic regression, mixed effect models and more on data sets using the statistical software R, SPSS or STATA. Since 2012, he worked as consultant in monitoring and evaluation including development of electronic device-based monitoring tools, strategic planning, research in development and statistics. 

Stewart Gee, Climate Smart Agriculture Specialist (Associate)

Areas of expertise: Climate Smart Agriculture, Conservation Agriculture, Monitoring and Evaluation, Programme Management

Having managed and supported successful development programmes across Asia and Africa for over 10 years Mr. Gee has an in depth knowledge of the development sector. He specialises in livelihoods and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) programming and has led a national level scoping study on CSA in Malawi.

Stewart also has extensive experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, having designed and implemented robust M&E systems for large complex programmes. Supporting clients to develop baselines and robust, practical M&E systems he has significantly contributed to organisational development from project through to strategic level. 

Mr. Gee has a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture and Environmental Science and a Masters Degree in Humanitarian Action (both from University College Dublin, Ireland) and is currently studying for a Diploma in Project Management. He is from a farming family in Ireland and he prides himself on delivering practical and implementable solutions to complex problems. He has excellent communication skills and is adept at analysing complex and inter-related issues and producing concise reports.


Chrisna Klopper, Ecologist (Associate)

Areas of Expertise: Savannah Ecology, Ecological Impact Assessments, Biodiversity Assessments, Biodiversity Monitoring and Rehabilitation, Floral and Faunal Taxonomy, Field surveys.

Ms Klopper has a MSc. degree in Botany and a BSc. degree majoring in Botany and Biochemistry from Rhodes University in South Africa.

She is a South African citizen, fluent in English and Afrikaans. She has experience in Ecological Impact Assessments having worked on various mining, electrical infrastructure, housing development and road infrastructure projects in Botswana and South Africa. She has collaborated on scoping reports and solving workers/ faunal conflicts during project, as well as developing educational pamphlets regarding species of conservation concern.  She has also worked on various farms researching the impact of climate change and biomes shifts on grassland communities.  She is well versed in laboratory techniques and field surveys. She has strong research, analysis and report writing skills.


Sattar Sacranie, Biodiversity Specialist (Associate)

Areas of expertise: Biodiversity (flora and terrestrial fauna), Ecological Impact Assessment, Biodiversity Monitoring and Rehabilitation, Field Survey, Ecophysiology.

Mr Sacranie has a MSc. degree in Botany and a BSc. Degree majoring in Botany, Zoology, and Environmental Science from Rhodes University.

He is a Malawian citizen, fluent in Chichewa and English. He is well versed working in the various ecological environments and biomes of Southern Africa. He has worked on a large variety of ecological projects such as coal mines, borrow pits, power lines and electrical infrastructure, housing developments, river sand mines, road infrastructure rehabilitation. He has also been involved in scoping and worker safety/fauna conflict projects. He is proficient at data analysis and report writing and has strong communication skills. He has experience in working n difficult and remote locations and is well accustomed to the rigors of field surveys.

Mr Sacranie also has a great deal of experience in laboratory settings and has researched the effects of elevated CO2 on various small grain crops. He has published work on the interactions between insect pests and small grains under elevated CO2 conditions.


Louis Suwedi, Professional Photographer (Associate)

Areas of Expertise; Photography, Film, Media Editing, Design, Rural Activities, Agriculture, Community Documentation, Facilitation

Mr. Suwedi has been a professional photographer documenting development projects for over 6 years in Malawi. He has extensive experience with a wide range of rural activities, particularly agriculture based. He strives to capture the realities of development work in an expressive and artistic way, while adhering to international standards on images and messages such as the DOCHAS code.