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The name C12 is inspired by the symbol and atomic mass of the element 'Carbon' in recognition of a phenomenon that is significantly shaping global paradigms


Attaining a paradigm that rises above the challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation, where the opportunities for sustainable progress and development are harnessed.


To offer world class development consulting services, delivering a peerless combination of international standards and local knowledge premised upon our core values  

Climate change poses a great challenge for Malawi, it is important that the country is supported in building its capacity to not only adapt but seize opportunities for sustainable development pathways that arise. Building the capacity of Malawian institutions to support this process is essential. C12's structure of both international and local based experts ensures that we can deliver super outputs as well as transferring much needed expertise to the local level.

Core Values

Integrity   Discipline   Innovation   Dynamism   Positivity

Consulting Services

C12 provides consulting services in the following fields:

Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), REDD+, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Climate Change Policy, Climate Smart Agriculture, Biodiversity, Disaster Risk Reduction, Fieldwork Coordination, Statistical Data Analysis, Documentary & Film Production, Monitoring & Evaluation, Rural Development & Livelihoods, Gender, Education