Stakeholder Engagement and Compensation Facilitiation – Nkhotakota PV Project - PHanes Group Dubai

C12 supported the stakeholder engagement and facilitation of compensation for project affected people at Nkhotakota PV project.


ESIA: Stakeholder Engagement & Ecological IMpact Assessment for Kanengo Solar Plant Project - Wood Group PLC (2019)

C12 supported Wood Group with the stakeholder engagement, Public Consultation and Ecological Impact Assessment processes to IFC Performance Standards for a solar power project in Kangeno. 


Effectiveness review of projects supporting resilience in the face of climate change - Misean Cara

C12 is provided Misean Cara with an effectiveness evaluation of climate change resilience projects in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi. The focus was on 7 projects across the three countries, implemented through member organisations and multi-member partnership projects.


ESIA: Community facilitation, stakeholder engagement, survey data collection and ecological baseline study, nkhotakota pv - WOODgroup PLC (UK) (2018)

C12 provided Woodgroup with survey data collection and analysis services using detailed surveys for a PV powerplant in Nkhotakota. C12 is also providing community facilitation services and has produced an ecological baseline study for the ESIA.



C12 is currently providing AECOM with survey data collection and analysis services using detailed surveys for a targeted number of 2,000 households in the Lilongwe rural area. This includes assets surveyand GPS farming fields data collection.


Strengthening the CCARDESA Information, Communication and Knowledge Management System – SADC Adaptation to Climate Change in Rural Areas in Southern Africa (ACCRA) programme - Hatfield consultants (2017)

C12 provided climate smart agriculture expertise over the 12 month project period.


Development of a Trainers Guide and Facilitators Manual for Community Health Clubs - WelthungerHilfe (2017)

C12 developed training and communications materials for the community health club project.

download (1).png

National Gender Audit - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Malawi (2018)

C12 conducted a national gender audit of GIZ partners and programmes, seeking to understand general perceptions and policies around gender and women’s empowerment.


Baseline Survey: Multi-sectoral food and nutrition security for young small holders in Malawi- WeltHungerHilfe (2017)

C12 provided quantitative data collection and analysis services for the baseline survey of the project taking place in Mangochi and Dedza districts.


Formative Research to Inform Engaging Men Materials Development - Concern Worldwide (2017)

C12 conducted research in Mangochi, Phalombe and Nsanje districts as part of a broader project to develop appropriate materials on engaging men.


Technical assistance on envionmental health and safety - cdc group & jacoma estates (2017-2018)

C12 provided ongoing technical assistance and support in meeting IFC performance standards.


Sustainable Drainage Design - CDC Group & 14 Trees (2017)

C12 completed a sustainable drainage assessment to IFC standards for the 14 Trees Durabric Project co-funded by LaFarge and the CDC Group.

water harvesting climate change adaptation c12 consultants malawi

promising practices documentation of water harvesting and management technologies - sciaf (2017)

C12 produced a promising practices study covering projects in multiple districts of Malawi and Rwanda.

gender baseline c12 consultants malawi

Baseline study for womens empowerment programme - trocaire (2017)

C12 conducted a baseline study of the programme covering Salima, Machinga, Balaka and Ntcheu districts.

Irrigation best practices

Lessons Learned and Challenges Documentation - United Purpose (Formally Concern Universal) (2017)

C12 documented lessons learned and challenges during the implementation of the DISCOVER project.

girls education gender based violence girls in school

Photography and Graphic Design for GEC ‘Tiphunzire’ Project - Theatre for a Change (TfaC) (2017)

C12 worked with TfaC to create high quality marketing materials for the project.

Map 3_Concentration of MFI Access Points and Accessibility of Major Road Network Within a 5km Buffer Distance.jpg

GIS Mapping: National-wide Footprint of the Micro-finance Sector - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (2017)

C12 conducted a national scale exercise mapping all micro-finance institutions and products on offer in Malawi.


Monitoring and evaluation support - Concern universal (2016/2017)

C12 provided technical support to Concern Universal for the M&E component of the DISCOVER project.


Technical assistance: GIS Monitoring and evaluation support & Training - TROCAIRE (2016)

C12 developed and trained staff on a GIS database for active M&E use.

micro solar pico solar technical support communications and marketing

Technical Support: EnDev Marketing Campaign- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (ACTIVE)

C12 is currently providing technical assistance in communications and marketing, engaging with a large range of stakeholders implementing a marketing drive of micro and pico solar products across 6 districts in Malawi.

indidginous knowledge and climate change africa

Research into Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change - cooperazione internazionale - coopi  (2017)

C12 conducted an exercise on indigenous knowledge in climate change adaptation in Mangochi and Salima Districts.

baseline girls education gender

Baseline Evaluation for ‘Right to Learn’ Education and GBV project - Concern Worldwide (2017)

C12 conducted qualitative and quantitative research to establish baseline values for key project indicators for 30 schools in Phalombe district.

Mangochi map.jpg

hazard and vulnerability mapping and development of an early warning system toolkit for Mangochi district; cooperazione internazionale - coopi (2017)

C12 is currently implementing a project using GIS data including drone imagery to generate hazard and vulnerability maps for the Mangochi district, and update the existing map for Salima District. The project also features an EWS component for project implementers and district officials. 

Promising practices climate change adaptation

Promising Practices Documentation - Mangochi Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Project - SCIAF (2016)

C12 documented views from beneficiaries and project partners on successes and challenges experienced during the implementation of the MLERP project. The study included a professional photography component.

Environmental Waste Management

Business model development on toilet emptying and de-sludging activities - waste advisors (2016)

C12 worked in collaboration with Imani Development to look at the environmental and social implications in a value chain assessment of faecal sludge treatment options for low income areas in Blantyre.


Technical Assistance - Tiphunzitsane project (GEC), Lecturers training Project (GIZ), Right to learn Project (Comic Relief) - Theatre for a Change (2016)

C12 provided support in the management of the education programme portfolio dealing with issues of SRGBV and interactive theatre. 

C12 Climate smart agriculture mapping malawi

CLIMATE SMART AGRICULTURE SCOPING AND MAPPING STUDY: Malawi climate smart agriculture alliance - MCSAA (2016)

C12 was engaged in a detailed mapping study of CSA activities, practices and stakeholders around Malawi. The process includes an assessment of positive and negative aspects of CSA in Malawi and includes GIS vulnerability mapping.

Social Cash Transfer Support


C12 developed comprehensive and dynamic materials and trained staff in preparation for the implementation of an emergency social cash transfer project.

Liveilihoods evaluation resilience consultants

End of project evaluation: Mangochi livelihoods and economic recovery - scIAF (2016)

C12 conducted an end of project evaluation in for the MLERP project in Mangochi, implemented by CADECOM Mangochi.

gender research c12 consultants

gender power analysis - social cash transfer programmes - concern worldwide (2016)

C12 conducted a Gender Power Analysis research study of emergency social cash transfer programmes in Nsanje and Mchinji districts.

strategic planning c12 consultants


C12 completed a GIS analysis of district level development indicators relevant to SHA’s strategic direction. The output will aid in identifying SHA’s future target areas.

agriculture monitoring and evaluation c12 consultants

Monitoring and Evaluation support - Concern worldwide (2016)

C12 supported Concern’s M & E department in a comprehensive evaluation of the Farming Input Management (FIM II) Programme. A new set of tools and revised monitoring plan was generated. 

Gender Analysis resilience VSL

Gender Power Analysis (VSL Clubs) - Christian Aid - ECRP (2016)

C12 conducted a Gender and Power Analysis for the DfID-funded ECRP Consortium on behalf of Christian Aid across 7 districts.  This analysis aims to understand the impact of gender relations on Village Savings and Loans (VSL) interventions. The research focused on the perceptions of men and women participating in VSL, household decision-making, and women’s access and control of VSL resources.

Strategic Planning - integrated contextual analysis - concern worldwide (2016)

C12 produced an analysis of national development indicators, district level actors, structures and development issues in a detailed contextual analysis. This report will be utilized by Concern for strategic programming purposes.

DRR evaluation C12 flood risk

end of project evaluation of dipecho drr project - world vision malawi (2016)

C12 conducted an end of project evaluation for an ECHO funded DRR project implemented by World Vision in Karonga, Malawi. 

Social research C12 qualitative assessment

Qualitative Panel assessment - Christian aid - ecrp (2016)

C12  carried out a qualitative panel assessment documenting most significant change stories in the Enhancing Community Resilience Programme. The project involved in depth documentation of beneficiary perspectives in Nsanje, Chikwawa and Kasungu districts. The work included GIS analysis and was supported by high quality photography. 

Forestry management

Forestry Project Start-up Management - Concern Universal (2016)

C12 provided project management support to Concern Universal in the start-up phase of the "Enhancing Forests For Sustainable Livelihoods" project being implemented in forest reserves in 5 districts across Malawi. The project is funded by the European Union. 

C12 Consultants Training

Developing & Delivering Training On Emergency Cash Transfers - Concern Worldwide (2015)

C12 developed comprehensive and dynamic materials and trained staff in preparation for the implementation of an emergency social cash transfer project. This project is being implemented under INGO consortium with four other partner organisations: Save The Children, Concern UniversalGOAL & OXFAM.


Mid-term Evaluation of sustainable livelihoods and environmental justice programme - trocaire (2015)

C12 conducted a mid-term evaluation of Trocaires  Livelihoods programme in partnership with Imani Development. The programme is focused on improving long term livelihoods through a resilience approach which features elements of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation. The evaluation took place across 7 districts, including 7 different partner organisations.



C12 is currently in the process of conducting an ESIA on the 3000 ha plantation expansion for Malawi Mangoes LTD. The process includes a Resettlement Audit in accordance with IFC and World Bank Guidelines. 


C12 has produced two short documentaries on school related gender based violence (SRGBV) for Concern Worldwide.

Environmental Impact Assessment Malawi mining

Environmental AND SOCIAL Impact Assessment - Nyala Mines Ltd (2015)

C12 has completed a full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Nyala Mines Ltd. The project featured a gemstone mine expansion programme from project brief to closure phase. 

best practice review: Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction - CADECOM (2014)

C12 was hired to do a best practice analysis of the food security and CMDRR programmes run by the Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM). The study covered seven districts in a broad geographic spread from Nsanje to Karonga. Initiatives reviewed included; village savings and loans, entrepreneurship, climate change adaptation, conservation agriculture, water capture, post-harvest management, energy efficient stoves, irrigation cooperatives, river bank management, tree nurseries, woodlot management and livestock pass-on. Projects reviewed were funded by Cordaid and Trocaire.


GIS Mapping - Agriculture Supply Chain Analysis (2014)

C12 produced a detailed geographic analysis of the small holder agricultural sector in eastern Zambia. The work incorporated cooperatives, sheds, trading centres, transport lines, and agricultural production of 7 different crops aimed at identifying key areas for investment. The work was completed as part of the Profit+ project with Imani Development.

GIS Mapping: Agricultural Production and Yields of Rice and Pigeon Peas in Malawi (2014)

C12 produced detailed choropleth maps of rice and pigeon pea production in Malawi. The work was done for Imani Development under the Business Innovation Facility (BIF), funded by DFID. Click here to view maps.

GIS Mapping & Coffee Manual Climate Change Chapter (2014)

C12 was contracted by Imani Development to produce a full GIS assessment of ideal coffee growing conditions in Malawi. The assignment was for submission to the Coffee Association of Malawi (CAMAL) as part of the Trading for Climate Smart Supply (TraCCS) project funded by the Scottish Government. A chapter on climate change vulnerability was also produced as part of a revision of the Coffee Growing Manual of Malawi. Click here to view maps.